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Mountain Dog Food

Mountain Dog VITAPREY Raw Diets (Best for dogs under 12lbs & puppies)


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Vitaprey: complete raw meals with vegetables, fully supplemented to ensure optimal nutrition. Double ground puree perfect for toy breeds, small dogs, and puppies. 

Complete Raw Meals: As close to natural as possible – raw meat, bone and vegetables with limited processing … just ground to perfection and then packaged and frozen to ensure freshness for your pets.

Biologically Appropriate: Natural ingredients – raw meat, bone and vegtable that dogs would forage for in the wild.

Raw Natural Ingredients: Products are not cooked .. there is no heat process involved so that all the natural goodness remains in the food for your pet

Nutritionally Balanced: To provide the optimal nutrients that your pet needs

Fully Supplemented: To round out the nutrients and provide all the vitamins and minerals in a ready to serve “scoop and go” meal product

Safe and Quality Assured: Using meat only from CFIA inspected facilities, the highest meat inspection level for human grade meat, Mountain Dog Food maintains that human grade status with good manufacturing processes (GMP’s through processing and packaging

No Grains or Fillers: So that the raw meat and vegetables can be digested and eliminated quickly... as nature intended

No Artificial Preservatives or Colouring: Preservatives and colouring provide no nutritional benefit and are not included in any Vitaprey or any other Mountain Dog Food dinner products

New Convenient Pack Sizes
300g (3 x 100g fingers) double ground providing a pureed product ideal for smaller breeds under 10-12 lbs and puppies.

New Protein Blends: Chicken with pork and chicken with lamb. Carrots are blended and facilitate an even distribution of the vitamin mineral supplement throughout the meat blends.

Chicken & Lamb
Chicken with bone in, carrots, beef liver, lamb liver, lamb kidney, lamb lung, lamb heart, pea bran, vitamin mineral supplement.
3 x 100g Package
Case of 10
Chicken & Pork
Chicken with bone in, carrots, pork liver, pork kidney, pork heart, pea bran, vitamin mineral supplement.
3 x 100g Package
Case of 10


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