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Fresh Frozen Raw Diets for Dogs & Cats (Meat/Bone/Organ)


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Carnivora Raw Pet Food Diets

Carnivoras' Convenient Whole Animal Raw Diets contain the whole animal including muscle meat, fat, bone, and organs.   

Our Carnivora raw pet food DIETS are single protein formulas with no added supplements, herbs, fruits or vegetables. *If you would like ground fruit & vegetables in your pet's raw diet please look at Carnivora raw pet food DINNERS.  Or to add your own checkout Carnivora Extras

 A rotation of the Carnivora Whole Animal diets can be fed as a total diet for pets with no specific medical problems. Certain health conditions or diseases will call for a more individualized approach. Our whole animal diets offer a wide range of fat levels for the less active pet or the high energy canine athlete. Pure, "species specific" protein sources from free-run and free range animals will tempt your pet's discerning palate. Carnivora wholesome optional foods and supplements provide other healthy components you can combine to individualize your dog or cat's diet. With the Carnivora products, you take charge of your pet's health!

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