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Glacier Peak Holistic Pet Wellness Scan (Food Stressor Test)


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Trying to narrow down what is causing your pet's allergies or health issues? The Glacier Peak Holistic Wellness Scan is a great place to start.

Get information about food stressors,  environmental sensitivities, and unlike traditional allergy testing,  Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is More than an allergy test for dogs and cats. The The Glacier Peak Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan uses biofeedback, which has the ability to read the energetic resonance that emanates from the hair and saliva samples. It is so much more than an allergy test for dogs and cats as it can identify imbalances and disturbances within the entire body.



Page 1. Food Stressors

  The food panel is broken down by types of foods and covers over 200 items. Take a look at the proteins, oils, grains, and vegetables to see if their current food is suitable for them. Food items that may be an issue for your dog are flagged with RED.  It would be beneficial to avoid all red-flagged foods for a minimum of 30 to 60 days, or until you see a significant breakthrough in your pet's health. 


Page 2. Environmental Panel 

 This section of your pet’s results provides information about the things in your shared environment that may be influencing your pet’s wellness. The environmental panel covers over 100 different environmental influences, including petro and enviro chemicals, electronics, insects, grasses, trees, and pollens. 


Page 3. Beneficial Holistic and Herbal Remedies

 This is where you will find the herbal remedies and natural products that have been shown help pets get back into balance. You will see items highlighted in green that are particularly appropriate for your pet’s current results. Anything highlighted in red is a corresponding sensitivity from page one or two. In that case, it is not beneficial, so make a note to exclude it.



The Pet Wellness Scan Kit includes:

  • Sample sheet of items that may be affecting your pet (200+ Food Items, 100+ Environmental triggers, and Beneficial Herbal and Holistic Remedies)
  • Information Sheet & Legal Disclaimer (MUST be SIGNED & accompany the pet’s samples when sent)
  • Small Comb
  • 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic Zip Bag (To place the hair and saliva samples inside)
  • Return Envelope


1. Q: How long does it take to receive my results?
A: Glacier Peak Holistics will complete your pet's scan within 10-14 business days from the time we receive your samples and the SIGNED information form. We will send you a confirmation via email when we receive your samples. That email will come from our support desk "Support GPH" so look for it in your spam/junk folder. Better yet, add "" to your contact list!

2. Q: How will I receive my test results?
A: GPH will send all results by email directly to the email address you provide on the order form after the test has been completed. Other arrangements can be made as well - just call us!

3. Q: My dog has short hair or doesn't shed, can I trim/cut some hair for the hair sample?
A: Yes, trimming the dogs hair for the hair sample is okay, but you can also tweeze a few to get the follicle. Please make sure that there is enough hair to cover the circle on the order form and place hair in the provided zip bag.

4. Q: How accurate is this Analysis?
A: Because the analysis is done using the energetic imprint of your pet, the results can vary. The biofeedback technicians take great care in documenting the results according to the output. While there is not a way that we can put a number value to each highlighted item, rest assured that it reached a level to be considered a stressor which may cause an allergic reaction. We receive daily comments and testimonials from some of the ten thousand plus customers of how we've helped their pet.

5. Q: What's the best way to get the saliva samples?
A: We provide you with three organic cotton swabs in the test kit. The best way to get the saliva sample is to hold all three of the swabs on one end and swab the inside of the mouth along the gum line and cheek area with the opposite end. This will get all three swabs done at once - easier for you and your pet. It is also helpful to wait until just before a meal (dog/cat begins to salivate in anticipation) or just after they get a drink.

6. Q: Now that I have my results, what do I do with them?
A: Your results will be your pet's road map to achieving optimum health balance. You will see what foods your pet is currently sensitive to and steer clear of ingredients that trigger itching, irritation, and other unwanted allergic reactions. Your results will also recommend beneficial remedies based on your pet's profile, which are critical to addressing the energetic imbalances such as a weak immune system or the presence of fungus and bacteria. Identifying potential food and environmental allergy sources is an important first step, but addressing your pet's energetic imbalances is where you will see the real, lasting transformation.


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